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Autograph Zone

The rules of the Autograph Zone of the 28th MFKiG are available for download here.


Rules of the Autograph Zone of the 28th MFKiG:


  1. There are numbered coupons in the Autograph Zone.
  2. The numbered coupons will be distributed at the Atlas Arena entrance no. 4 from the opening hour of the gates to people with the festival pass (armband, e-ticket or an invitation). The numbered coupons will be distributed on a first come first served basis until depletion.
  3. There are separate numbered coupons for each festival day, which means that the coupons for Friday will be distributed on Friday, the coupons for Saturday will be distributed on Saturday and the coupons for Sunday will be distributed on Sunday.
  4. Each author (or a group of authors, who created an album or an anthology together) has his/hers own, separate number of numbered coupons.
  5. One person can only receive 2 numbered coupons for a specific hour and 4 maximum per day.
  6. To enter the Autograph Zone a person is required to have a numbered coupon for the specified day, to the specific author, while carrying the author’s book.
  7. The most important rule of the Autograph Zone: one coupon = one dedication/autograph (a person can only carry one book of the author to the autograph zone).
  8. The author is not obliged to give out dedications to every person with a numbered coupon.
  9. The author is not obliged to give out dedications longer than in his/her schedule. He/She can, however, leave the zone before his scheduled ending time of the signings.
  10. Drawn dedications by some of the authors might be required to be paid for (more info – the Zone’s staff).
  11. If the author has finished signing for every person with a numbered coupon and he/she still has some time left, it is possible to enter the Zone without the coupon to reach this author.
  12. All the matters of dispute will be resolved by authors, their guides or the Zone’s staff.
  13. People who behave improperly, who do not apply to the generally accepted social norms will be declined the right to enter the Autograph Zone.