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Andrzej O. Nowakowski

ARTIST, "Doman" “Zemsta Harpera”

ANDRZEJ O. NOWAKOWSKI – born in 1946. One of the most popular Polish comic artist of the 1980s. He’s mostly known for “Noc sprawiedliwych pięści”, “Zemsta Harpera” and “Doman”. In addition to comics, he created illustrations and graphics bindings for publishing houses such as Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza, Młodzieżowa Agencja Wydawnicza, Interpress, Orbita, and Pomorze. He was published in “Dziennik Wieczorny”, “Fantastyka”, “Świat Młodych”, “Szpilki”, “Ekspres Ilustrowany”, “Polityka”, „Panorama”, “Życie Warszawy” and “Dziennik Łódzki”. Most of Nowakowski’s old works today are referred to as ‘iconic’. In the mid-1980s, they were the most-read s-f and fantasy comics on the Polish market.

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