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Anna Karolina Kaczmarczyk

ARTIST, Karp Lagerfeld i inne ryby sukcesu, "Własnym głosem: herstorie aborcyjne"

ANNA KAROLINA KACZMARCZYK – born in Oświęcim, graduated painting in Cracow Academy of Fine arts and illustration in Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst in Lipsk. In 2014 she published her debut comic book “Długa historia” from Centrala publishing. Frequently featured in fanzins, most often in Mydło and girls’ zins. Breeds Success Fish – and creates comics about them (fp: Karp Lagerfeld i inne ryby sukcesu and on paper). She lives in Lipsk, where she has her own studio. She practices painting, illustration – and comics, of course.

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