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Bartłomiej Sztobryn

WRITER, "Tajfun. Nowe przygody: antologia"

BARTŁOMIEJ SZTOBRYN – fantasy enthusiast, philosopher by education, rebel by soul. Initiator and writer of the “Dzikuski”. Author of two scripts for “Tajfun. Nowe Przygody”. As a writer he debuted with a story “Pamiętam, że się w tobie zakocham” published in “Ostatni Dzień Pary II”. As a scriptwriter, by creating a narrative to short comic about superhero Incognito, which was later published in “Superhero Magazine”. Winner of many contests, including literary competitions, for example for crime and fantasy story “Złoczyńcy w uzdrowisku” 2017. Connoisseur of the games with message, both ones “without electricity” and those which need it a little.

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