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Berenika Kołomycka

ARTIST, "Tiny Fox and Greatt Boar", "W głowie tłumaczy", "Tej nocy dzika paprotka", "Wykolejeniec"

Berenika Kołomycka (born 1983), majored in sculpture, currently working as a graphic designer and illustrator. She created the artwork for Wykolejeniec (written by Grzegorz Janusz) and Tej nocy dzika paprotka (written by Marzena Sowa) comic books. She takes care of Lisisław Fox, without whom there would be no Tiny Fox and Great Boar stories. This year her drawings were featured in W głowie tłumaczy comic (written by Tomasz Pindel). The 5th volume of Tiny Fox and Great Boar will premiere during the 30th MFKiG.

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