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Bogusław Polch

ARTIST, "Funky Koval", "Ekspedycja", "Wiedźmin", "Kapitan Żbik"

BOGUSŁAW POLCH – born 1941. One of Polish comics classics and one of his best creators. He published his first comic – “Złoty Mauritius” in 1970; it was a story of captain Żbik, a PRL-time hero solving the mystery of the most expenssive poststamp in the world. Between 1982-1990 he created popular “Bogowie z kosmosu” series to Arnold Mostowicz and Alfred Górny’s script, inspired by the ideas of Erich von Däniken. In 1982 Polch published “Funky Koval” written by Maciej Parowski and Jacek Rodek. Then, between 1993 and 1995, “The Witcher” comic adaptation by Maciej Parowski and Andrzej Sapkowski to Polch’s illustrations.

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