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Cyril Pedrosa

ARTIST, "Trois Ombres", "Equinoxes” „Portugal”, „The Golden Age”.

Cyril Pedrosa is a comic book artist, ilustrator and animator, most recognized in Poland for Trois Ombres, Equinoxes, Portugal and The Golden Age. He was a huge comic book fan during his childhood and adolescence. He began working as an artist in animation and concept art for Walt Disney studio in Montreuil, providing sketches for The Hunchback of Notre Dame and animating Hercules.

Everything changed after his meeting with writer David Chauvel with whom he created his first comic Ring Circus, as well as Shaolin Moussaka’s adventures. He also participated in various collective works published by Delcourt. In 2006 and 2007 his own works, Hearts at Sea and Trois Ombres were published; he also once again went into cooperation with Chauvel for Brigade Fantôme, a series dedicated to the younger audience. He gained recognition for his stunning graphic novel Portugal. His latest and perhaps most impressive creation is The Golden Age, of which he is currently working on the second volume.

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