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Daniel Odija

WRITER, "Bardo: Stolp", "Bardo: Rita"

DANIEL ODIJA (born 1974) – a prosaist. He is an author of short story collections:  Szklana Huta (2005) and Przezroczyste głowy (2018), and novels: Ulica (2001), Tartak (2005), Niech to nie będzie sen (2008) and Kronika umarłych (2010). Both Tartak and Kronika umarłych were shortlisted for the Nike Literary Award. He has been awarded multiple times for his literary work. His stories have been translated to several languages, and his novels have been translated to French, German, Ukrainian and Macedonian.

In 2017 his comic called Stolp was released, which he co-created with artist Wojciech Stefaniec. Stolp begins “The Bardo Tetralogy”. The second part of the tetralogy, called Rita is to come out in 2019.

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