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Grażyna Kasprzak

COLOURIST, "Le sans visafe", "La fille de Panama", "Halloween Blues", "Thorgal", "Chninkel"

GRAŻYNA FOŁTYN-KASPRZAK (GRAZA) is a set designer, painter and comic book colourist. She is married to Zbigniew Kasprzak, comic book artist based in Belgium. She worked with many prominent comic book creators. The effects of her work as a comic book colourist can be seen in various series: ThorgalComplainte des landes perdues, Chninkel, Kriss de Valnor (art by Grzegorz Rosinski), Achtung Zelig! (art by Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz), Yans, Les Voyageurs, Halloween Blues, La fille de Panama, Le sans visage (art by Zbigniew Kasprzak). Her mastery in colour has been awarded with various awards for colour in comics in France. Graza is also a creator of a couple dozen set and costumes designs for theatre, opera and balet, as well as television.

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