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Grzegorz Pawlak

ARTIST, "Pętla", "NOIRtober", "Wydział 7", "Benedykt Dampc"

Grzegorz Pawlak – born in 1986, comic book artist. An architect by profession, he works as a graphic designer in one of the large Polish companies. He has published in many magazines and anthologies. He is the author of drawings in the following comics:

  • “Benedykt Dampc i skarb piratów” (written by Jerzy Szyłak);
    “Profesor Andrews” (written by Dominik Szcześniak based on a story by Olga Tokarczuk);
    “Centrum wszechświata” (written by Daniel Gizicki);
    “Wydział 7”, volumes: “Operacja totenkopf”, “Dobranocka”;
    “Pętla” (in cooperation with Marcin Rustecki and Rafał Trejnis, written by Dominik Szcześniak);
    “NOIRtober” artbook series.

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