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Grzegorz Rosiński

ARTIST, "Thorgal", "Hans", "Le Grand Pouvoir du Chninkel", "The Revenge of count Skarbek", "Les complainte des lands perdues"

Grzegorz Rosiński

Born in 1941 in Stalowa Wola. Comic book artist working for Belgian publishers, considered to be a part of the best European comic artists. Graduated Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, author of illustrations for books, postcards and satirical drawings. One of the artists of Kapitan Żbik, Pilot śmigłowca and Legendarna historia Polski comic series. Art director of “Relax” magazine. In 1975 he started working with Belgian publishers, for whom he created series Hans (written by André-Paul Dûchateau), The fantastic bouttrip (written by Mythic) and Thorgal (written by Jean Van Hamme). In 1982 he moved to Belgium where he continued working on Thorgal, reaching international success. He also created miniseries Le complainte des lands perdues (written by Jean Dufaux), The Revenge of count Skarbek (written by Yves Sente) and Le Grand Pouvoir du Chninkel and Western (written by Jean Van Hamme). He resides in Switzerland.

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