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Jacek Skrzydlewski

ARTIST, "Kosmiczny detektyw", "Planeta robotów"

JACEK SKRZYDLEWSKI, born in 1956 in Poznan. He debuted in 1977 in “Relax” magazine with one-page story Strach. Then he published four episodes of a story Super-man (!) in “Świat Młodych” magazine. From 1988, he established regular cooperation with this magazine, co-editing the “Bazar” quarterly. His full-length comics are Wyprawa na Ziemię, Kosmiczny detektyw, Nowe przygody mistrza Twardowskiego. In 1988-1990 he made covers for comics translated from Hungarian: Skarb Majów, Wygnanie, Yankes na dworze króla Artura and many others. His works were presented at many art exhibitions. Since 1988 he is working on three-part cycle (script by Maciej Parowski): Planeta Robotów, Inwazja z Planety Robotów, Pożegnanie z Planetą Robotów.

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