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Jakub Kijuc

ARTIST, variant DC covers: "Superman Action Comics Vol. 1 - Invisible Mafia", "Jan Hardy"

Jakub Kijuc  (born 1981) – creator of comic series Konstrukt, Jan Hardy and Ognik. In “Gazeta Warszawska” and “Polska Niepodległa” weekly magazines he published a couple dozen comic strips called R.O.T.A. He created comic children series Dąb Bartek for “OZEON” magazine. He has been published in “Nowa Fantastyka”, is an author of book illustrations for Wyspa na prerii by Wojciech Cejrowski and co-created comics Ale w Radiu Nic Nie Mówili and Lirnik with Sławomir Zajączkowski. Lirnik was published in “Komiks i My” magazine.
He is currently working on a couple secret projects…
Variant cover artist for Superman Action Comics: Invisible mafia – tom 1 (wyd. Egmont, październik 2019).


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