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Krzysztof Owedyk

ARTIST, "Będziesz smażyć się w piekle", "Blixa i Żorżeta", "Prosiacek"

KRZYSZTOF “Prosiak” OWEDYK – scriptwriter and comic artist, who is also involved in graphics and painting. In 1990s associated with hardcore/punk off-scene. Author and publisher of comic fanzine “Prosiacek”, co-creator of many music and art zins. Designer of book covers, and CD and cassette covers for punk, hardcore, grinde and noise bands. Author of a renewed few times comics: story of a Silesian rat-human Ratboy and apocalyptic “Ósma Czara”. His last graphic novel Będziesz smażyć się w piekle was awarded the triple Award of the Polish Comic Book Association 2016 (the best cartoonist, the best scriptwriter and the best Polish comic) and the prize of the 28th International Comic Festival in Łódź for the best Polish comic album. Winner of a special award for lifetime achievement in the field of independent comics at the Independent Comic Festival Golden Chickens 2016.

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