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Łukasz Kowalczuk

ARTIST, "Vreckless Vrestlers", "Nienawidzę ludzi"

ŁUKASZ KOWALCZUK – born in 1983 in northern Poland. Creator of “stupid comics for smart people”. He did not graduate from any art department and quit studying at the Academy of Fine Arts due to the surrounding environment. Kowalczuk’s inspirations come from the trash culture of ‘80. and ‘90. and his research is mostly based on reading comics, watching class B movies and playing video games. From there comes also the subjects he touches: mutants, post-apocalypse, wrestling, Reptilians, and others. He appreciates Janusz Christa, Jack Kirby, Robert Crumb and many others from every period and every part of the world. He published many comics and strips, both at his own expense and in cooperation with publishers: Vreckless VrestlersViolent Skate Bulldogs and Slime! anthology, RadioActive Cross, Samurai Slasher Late Fees (Mike Garley), Knock Off Wars (Luke Toywalker).


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