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Maciej Kur

WRITER, "Oskar i Fabrycy", "Lil i Put", "Kajko i Kokosz - Nowe Przygody"

Maciej „Maiki” Kur (born 1988) – majored in scriptwriting (Animation Faculty of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), co-creator of animated tv series and documentaries. Awarded with a special prize for a comic „in the spirit of Janusz Christa” in Janusz Christa children comic competition. The awarded book called Lil i put with his script was published in the autumn of 2014. Today the series, co-created with comic book artist Piotr Bednarczyk, consists of four volumes.

Writer of the full album with new adventures of Kajko and Kokosz (published in May 2019) and co-writer of the tv adaptation of the series, currently in development.

As a hobby, he paints abstract art. Enthusiast of comics, Cinema and classical animation. His comic book idols are, among others, René Goscinny, Don Rosa, E.C. Segar, Allan Moore and Janusz Christa

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