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Marek Szyszko

ARTIST, "Ostatnia przystań", "Polscy podróżnicy"

MAREK SZYSZKO – born in 1951. He graduated from the graphics department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1976. His first works are comics for “Relax” magazine. The most known of the titles (by fans today called iconic) are: “Tajemnica Kipu”, “Pięć kroków wstecz” and “Konus”. The mastery of switching moods can be seen in the album “Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde”, which is undoubtedly one of his most interesting achievements. He was also drawing for Sport i Turystyka publishing house and was highly rated by critics for comic “Sąd Parysa”. Surprising may be comic illustrations to poems by Jerzy Dąbrowski, titled “Leśny Klub Sportowy”, where Szyszko departs from realistic style. But this is just an episode because since the 1990s he has been busing himself with making realistic illustration for books and magazines (Elipsa, Raniowski-Podsiedlik, Nowa Era, WSiP, Demart, Bellona, Publicat, PWN, Presspublica publishing houses) as well as popular board games.

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