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Marta Teives

ARTIST, The Lisbon Studio, "Os Regressos"

After graduating in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Marta Teives has divided her career between animation, illustration and comics. In the field of animation, she was part of the Neurones studio, and also collaborated in other studios, having worked in international feature films and national films. As an illustrator, she has done commercial and editorial illustration, as well as numerous covers for children and YA collections, including the classic Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.

Having won the 2015 Amadora BD First Prize (Portugal’s main comics festival, which awards a set of prizes), her career in comics has been split between short stories for projects such as The Lisbon Studio Series and longer projects, such as Os Regressos, written by Pedro Moura, and which won the Best Portuguese Artist award at Amadora BD 2018. Os Regressos is published in Poland by Timof Comics, as Powroty. She currently is working on a major graphic novel, a project funded by a grant for Literary Creation from the Ministry of Culture, which she won in 2018.

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