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Miguel Valderrama

ILLUSTRATOR, „Giants", „Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team”

MIGUEL VALDERRAMA – illustrator, graphic artist. Born in Marbella, Miguel soon developed an interest in telling stories, so he started making comics with his brother Carlos at a young age. In Madrid, he studied Animation and Fine Arts, which later brought him to work in advertisement and animation projects. And again with his brother, they collaborated on the comic anthology”Hunters“, followed by their debut “Giants”, the first creator-owned project as the Valderrama Bros.

Between projects with his brother, he also does comics as an artist, such asCyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team“, and covers for different projects, like Star Wars.

On the horizon, the Valderrama Bros have more exciting projects that still mix their passions and tastes, with a sequel of their first work “Giants vol. 2: Ghost of Winter” – releasing in 2022.

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