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Nuno Saraiva

ARTIST, The Lisbon Studio, "Tudo Isto é Fado", "Filosofia de Ponta"

One of the most important and prolific Portuguese illustrators and comic book artists and authors of the last 30 years, Nuno Saraiva built his career primarily in the press, having collaborated with most national newspapers and magazines. His work as an editorial illustrator earned him the Stuart Award in 2010 (an award that distinguishes excellence in press illustration~in Portugal). From his comic book work, mostly published at a weekly rate in newspapers, we can cite the series Filosofia de Ponta (with Júlio Pinto, the title being a play on words that both means avant-garde philosophy, and pillow-talk or “during sex” philosophy) and the book Tudo Isto é Fado!, Best Book Award winner at the 2016 Amadora BD Festival (Portugal’s main comic book event), published in Poland in 2018 by Biblioteka Iberyjska with the title A wszystko to fado!.


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