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Paweł Gierczak

ARTIST, "Tajfun. Nowe przygody: Antologia", "Helipolis. Miasto przyszłości"

Paweł Gierczak, a.k.a. Gierek

Comic artist, painter, writer, animator. In one of the interviews he gives about his involvement in the comic book medium, he says: “Since I can remember I draw and read comics. I don’t know when it turned into a life passion, maybe it has always been here, it’s hard to say. I’m just crazy about comics, I love them and I have never wondered why…”

From the beginning, involved with B5 magazine. His “Gangi Radomia” (Timof 2007) is considered as one of the most important Polish underground comic. Recently, he became famous for autobiographic series “Ołtsajders: Chrzest Ognia” (Robert Zaręba 2015), “Reaktywacja” (Robert Zaręba 2015), “Jeźdźcy Walhalli” (Kameleon 2017). Thanks to him an anthology “Tajfun. Nowe Przygody.” (Planeta Komiksów, 2019), which include his comic “Armia Lucyfera”, was created.

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