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Rafał Skarżycki

WRITER, "Jeż Jerzy", "Tymek i Mistrz"

RAFAŁ SKARŻYCKI – philosopher by education (University of Warsaw), scriptwriter and novelist by profession. He has been publishing continuously since 1995. The originator and co-author of popular comic book series, e.g. “Jeż Jerzy”, “Tymek i Mistrz”. He has published over twenty comic book albums for children and adults. Since 2013, he has been publishing a weekly comic strip “Polska mistrzem Polski” in Duży Format (a supplement to “Gazeta Wyborcza”). Screenwriter of the full-length animated film “Jeż Jerzy”. He also wrote scripts for television series. In the years 2000-2005 he cooperated with HBO Polska – he wrote over 50 scripts for short animated films. In 2009, he published his debut novel – “Teleznowela” (published by Prozami). Chief writer of animated series: “Kacperiada” (2017 Human Ark / Canal +), “Tymek&Mistrz” (series in production). In March 2015, the first part of his new series of books for younger teenagers “Hej, Jędrek!” was published. He belongs to the Screenwriters’ Circle of the Polish Filmmakers Association and the Polish Writers’ Association. Lecturer at Storylab.pro in the field of screenwriting.

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