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Ricardo Cabral

ARTIST, The Lisbon Studio: "Terrea", "Evereste", "City Stories: Łódź", "Loose Tips"

With a career split between comics and illustration, for various types of publishers, from children’s books to newspapers, Ricardo Cabral has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2005, having collaborated also with such diverse brands as Moleskine and Samsung, as well as magazines such as Time Out and newspapers like the Morning Post.

His comic book project began with Evereste, a fictional biography of mountain climber João Garcia, and he became a prominent author in Portugal with the travel books Israel Sketchbook, Newborn: 10 Days in Kosovo, Loose Tips: Cities and Loose Tips – Lisboa. Internationally, he participated in the Comic Transfer project, with a story about Lisbon and in Creepy magazine, for Dark Horse Publishing, as well as in the City Stories: Lodz 2010 project.

His most recent work in the comics area is the self-published fantasy saga Terrea, some chapters of which have been published in the various volumes of The Lisbon Studio Series, which collects works from members of that Studio.

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