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Sebastian Chosiński

WRITER, "Czas na Relax", "Teczka personalna. O komiksie Kapitan Żbik"

SEBASTIAN CHOSIŃSKI – born in 1969 in Wielkopolska. Graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, history teacher and social-worker in Wągrowiec. Journalist, editor of the pop culture magazine “Esensja”, internet radio RockSerwis FM and historical blog Wągrowiec 1381. Author of the poems, dramas, stories, novels, historical articles and thousands of reviews. His main research areas are: culture and history of Russia, jazz and rock music, cinema, literature, comic, and many others. Loyal subject to his cats. Author of bestseller Teczka personalna. O komiksie “Kapitan Żbik” (2018). His latest book Czas na “Relax” (anatomy of the most known comic magazine) premieres at this year’s festival.

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