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Tadeusz Baranowski

ARTIST, "Na co dybie w wielorybie czubek nosa Eskimosa", "Antresolka profesora Nerwosolka", "Orient Man"

TADEUSZ BARANOWSKI – born in 1945. Scriptwriter and comic artist, illustrator, painter. Graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. As comic book creator, he made his debut in 1973 in the “Świat Młodych” newspaper. He was published in “Razem”, “Relax”, “Na przełaj”, “Super Boom” and others. Most of his comics, full of fantastic worlds and surrealistic jokes, were released as album versions. In the mid-1980s he was publishing in Belgian weekly magazine “Tintin – he was drawing comics to scenarios of Jean Dufaux; he was also one of the authors of the prestigious volume of illustrated poems by Jacques Brel. Today he spends his days on painting.

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