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Tomasz Leśniak

ARTIST, "Jeż Jerzy", "Tymek i Mistrz", "Polska mistrzem Polski"

TOMASZ LEŚNIAK – graduate of the graphics department at European Art Academy in Warsaw. Creator of comics, artist and illustrator. Winner of many prizes in the field of comics and illustration, i.e. Grand Prix at MFKiG in 1999, bronze medal for an Illustration at the KTR competition in 1999.
Together with Rafał Skarżycki, he created very popular comic series “Jeż Jerzy” and “Tymek I Mistrz”. He co-directed with Wojtek Wawszczyk and Jakub Tarkowski the “Jeż Jerzy” film adaptation. Leśniak has created dozens of artistic designs for advertisements and for “Kacperiada” tv serise, based on Grzegorz Kasdepke stories. He is the author of illustrations in the medieval gallery at the Museum of History of Polish Jews.

He is currently working on animated tv series based on “Tymek i Mistrz” as the director and art designer.

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